Shuto Expressway #6, northbound

Driving from our apartment in Sumida-ku to Shuto Expressway #6 and along it northbound into Katsushika-ku toward the Joban Expressway.

Shuto Expressway #6, southbound

The Shuto Expressway system meanders around and through Tokyo. This is the approach to Mukojima Exit from the north on Shuto #6. The top half of Skytree is invisible up in the clouds. I'll have to take another video when we have a blue sky day.

Bus from Ueno to Kinschicho

This Ueno - Kinshicho retro diesel bus is surprisingly smooth. It is mostly used by local folks—but it could easily be a tourist activity. The announcements are multilingual and the interior lights in the evening are unique! Unfortunately, this short video is taken from inside the bus, so the bus itself can’t be seen! Next time, maybe! (July 2014)

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